Women Joining the Military and Civil Services Has Increased By 20%

Women Joining Military

Until a few decades ago, the concept of a woman leaving the house, let alone joining the armed forces or the public office, was frowned upon by society. This mindset has shifted over time, and the number of women joining the military and civil service has increased by 20% in the last decade.

According to the Tribune, the federal government employs 571,619 people, 27,999 of whom are women. Women now make up 5% of the federal government’s entire workforce. This figure was less than 4% a decade ago.

In addition, over the last decade, the number of women joining the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police Airport Security Force, and Rangers has increased significantly.

Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, former Secretary of the Ministry of Climate Change, remarked that when he joined the civil service in 1983, society did not accept a woman as an Assistant Commissioner (AC) or Deputy Commissioner (DC).

After the first woman DC was appointed in Thatta, Sindh, in 1998, the society gradually began to accept women in senior positions such as AC or DC, according to the former secretary.

But now time has been changed. More and more women are joining and inclined towards army and civil services. Gradually, our society has also begun to accept their roles in such services.

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