Why should we set our fitness goals?

Fitness is all about keeping one’s body healthy, both physically and mentally. It is about having a routine that trains both our mind and body at the same time. Fitness is all about having a trained and healthy mind, while also having a disease-free, trained body.

 Fitness goals should be set by keeping in mind the fact that it is to provide us with a better lifestyle, not one that damages our health.


Many fitness goals are achievable, but some of them aren’t, which is unhealthy for a person as they try to reach an impossible point.

Some of the most realistic goals include:


  • Having different types of routines: Mixing up your routine every once in a while is good. Changing from rock climbing to boxing to yoga and maybe something else.
  • Working out for a certain period of time: Doing workouts around 30 minutes every day, or maybe five days a week is good enough for your body.
  • Yoga and stretching: yoga and stretching every once a week helps relax one mentally and also helps us to maintain blood flow in our muscles.


These goals are very much possible to achieve and are set by many. But imagine if you continuously workout and have these fitness routines set in, it is bound to make you feel tired and get exhausted by the routine.

For these cases, to maintain one’s fitness, these fitness goals need to be set:

  • Setting heart rate goals: heart rate goal is much necessary while doing aerobics and other workout routines. Be sure to set a heart rate and reach up to it.
  • Measure everything: it is very important to measure every beat of your workout for better results. You should measure your gain of calories, your lost of calories, the weights you pick up. Measure the distance you walk.
  • Allow time to rest and re-evaluate: it is also very necessary to have breaks in between your workout routines. Taking a day off, having a nice stroll in the park, and just lazing around also helps one relax their mind.

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