Two Afghanis arrested at Bacha Khan Airport for smuggling 10 Kg Gold

Afghanis arrested at bacha khan airport

The crisis in Afghanistan is affecting Pakistan also. Pakistan has so many Afghan refugees to take care of. But our security checks have to be stricter to curb smuggling through our land. As to avoid the consequences of a smuggling attempt at Peshawar’s Bacha khan Airport by two Afghan nationals. Two Afghans arrested at Bacha khan airport for smuggling 10kg gold.

Two Afghan nationals were captured at Peshawar’s Bacha Khan Airport on Tuesday for supposedly endeavoring to carry around 10 kilograms of gold out of the country.

The Airport Security Force (ASF) said 9.9 kilograms of gold adornments were recuperated from the gear of two voyagers. One of them is a lady, during checking at the air terminal.

Both Sahela Alkoze and Hawad Khalidi were heading out to Dubai with gold concealed in their two bags, a representative for the ASF said, adding the value of the held onto gold is assessed at Rs107.6 million. The two travelers were gone over to Customs authorities for additional legitimate action.

Last year in Sept, customs specialists captured a traveler for purportedly attempting to carry gold and unfamiliar money out of the country at Bacha Khan air terminal. The traveler, evading security checks and screening at the air terminal, loaded up an unfamiliar carrier’s Dubai-bound plane.

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On getting data, customs and air terminal authorities arrived at the plane and arrested him. Gold bread rolls weighing 1.5 kilograms and north of 13,000 euros were seized from his ownership, the authorities said, adding he has been captured with an examination sent off against him.

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