Tuba Anwar Dismissed the Accusation of Invalid Khula

Tuba Anwar Dismissed the Accusation of Invalid Khula

Tuba Anwar is dismissing accusations that he is still married to PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain, after the latter declared in a recent interview that he is not.

Tuba responded to the TV show host’s assertions that she is still his wife by writing a lengthy statement on her social media accounts on Saturday, claiming that her khula was invalid because it did not take into account the husband’s agreement.

“I wish to clarify that I opted to divorce my ex-husband through the legal system, as per my constitutional right as a Pakistani citizen,” Tuba said on Twitter. The honorable court granted the divorce in conformity with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s regulations.”

“Everything else being reported in the media is a pure distortion of facts and carries no significance in a court of justice,” she continued. In addition, “I also urge Islamic academics to come out in support of women who choose to exercise their rights according to Sharia and Pakistan’s constitution.”

Tuba reinstituted it “”If [their] marriage is no longer working,” Islam allows women to seek divorce, allowing them to make a “graceful leave from a poisonous and oppressive marriage. It is her right, not a sin, she concluded.

“If she [Tuba] marries again, it will be illegitimate because her khula is void,” Aamir stated in a recent interview with his third wife, Syeda Dania Shah.  According to Shariah, khula also requires the approval of the husband, as well as both parties sitting together and agreeing to end their marriage. I’d like to tell Tuba that she can live her life however she wants, work, do whatever she wants, but she must respect religious boundaries. She is welcome to return to me if she so desires, but Dania is here to stay.”

Tuba announced earlier this month that she had filed for khula from Aamir after a months-long separation.

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