TikToker Sehar Hayat accused Kashee’s Salon of Bullying and Harassment

TikToker Sehar Hayat accused Kashee’s Salon of Bullying and Harassment

Sehar Hayat, who is a famous TikToker and influencer, has recently accused Kashee’s salon staff in Lahore. In her video, she explained her awkward experience and said she was bullied by the salon’s staff. Moreover, they also tried to harass her during the photoshoot.

In her video, she said that above all the famous TikTokers are begged and Kashee’s salon made the request to her and her friend to promote themselves. But when they both reached the place, they were made to wait for a long time. Eventually, when Sehar called them for this unprofessional behavior they seemed indifferent. This was like adding fuel to fire for her.

However, after waiting she was to take up a photoshoot. During the photoshoot, she was bullied, according to what she said in the video. In addition, the staff also tried to harass her by speaking inappropriate words.

She states in her video that Kashee’s salon in Lahore has staff from Kashee Salon in Karachi. So, Kashif Aslam can’t be unaware of such behavior on his employees’ part, she further said. According to her words, it is all in vain to complain to Kashif if he already knows. She ended the video saying that she is unable to explain her bad experience thoroughly at Kashee’s Salon in Lahore.

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