The Legend of Mola Jatt is not screening in Lahore. What went wrong?


It is the moment for the Pakistani Industry to support. The movie “The Legend of Mola Jatt” is not screening in Lahore. Many cinemas have stopped taking reservations for the eagerly awaited movie, ‘The Legendary of Maula Jatt.

The major chains are not opening booking counters for the movie. The Legend of Mola Jatt is screening in a few cinemas in Lahore and other big cities. Users tagged Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Ammara Hikmet and Bilal Lashari. They are tagging Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Ammara Hikmt, and Bilal Lashari. A commenter pointed out that exhibitors were sued by Wajahat Rauf and Yasir Nawaz for damaging their films. Another commenter asserted that producers are pressuring theatre chains to raise ticket prices for the first 11 days to demand.

Most movies are most enjoyed if you enjoy the main cast, although it frequently happens that people will watch a film knowing who the director is. This is the case with filmmaker Bilal Lashari, whose outstanding work we had previously seen in the film “Waar.” He is now back with his expensive film, “The Legend of Mola Jatt,” whicH is not going to screen in Lahore and other cities’ cinemas.

Movie Review: A Worth-Watching Movie

I watched “The Legend of Mola Jatt” a few days ago. I knew this movie would be popcorn entertainment after the first twenty minutes. The Legend of Maula Jatt is a tale of justice, retribution, love, rivalry, and power. The protagonist is Mola Jatt (Fawad Khan), a young orphan who is the son of Sardar Jatt.

Everyone adores and loves him, but Mukhoo Jattni (Mahira Khan), the character who plays Jatt’s love interest in the film, is especially. The amazing adrenaline-fueled action starts when Jatt encounters Natt’s siblings (Noori, Daaro, and Maakha), who are the offspring of the person who killed Jatt’s parents.

When I talk about the movie’s music and songs, “Waar” was the only song that presented a vision of the film (the scene where terrorists attacked an army camp). When Mukhoo starts singing, and Maula joins her, it is amazing. Through excellent direction, we witness their opponents humming the same tune and getting ready to attack Maula Jatt.

I felt proud as I watched the Pakistani film, which has a thrilling plot, no item numbers, a modest amount of character development, and a great cast all in one frame. ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ concluded with Maula’s well-known line, ‘Maula Noun Maula Na Maare, Te Maula Nahin Mar Sakda,’ making it an excellent paisa wasool film.

The film’s overall direction was good, some of the camera angles were incredibly creative, and I appreciated how different things were tried despite the 1970s setting.

Why is The Legend of Mola Jatt not Screening in Lahore?

Most of Lahore’s theatres do not show “The Legend of Mola Jatt.” 90% of Lahore’s cinemas declined the chance to screen the expensive Lollywood film The Legend of Mola Jatt.

The movie is being shown at Q Cinema, DHA Cinemas, and Universal Cinemas. According to theatre owners, movie producers and distributors have allegedly been asking for more money than indicated in the contract. As movie producers and distributors request more money, Lahore’s theatres are not screening “The Legend of Mola Jatt.” Sadly, 90% of Lahore’s cinemas declined the chance to screen the expensive Lollywood film. The major actors are Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Humaima Malik, Gohar Rasheed, and Faris Shafi.

The performers from “The Legend of Mola Jatt” came to Qatar on October 13 to participate in the movie’s world premiere. But overall, the movie received outstanding reviews from critics during early preview screenings. The director stated, “The issue should be rectified as soon as possible or else there will be no one to blame other than us for the underperformance of perhaps the finest film of Pakistan.”

Syed Jibran, the famous TV actor from Lahore, has discussed the movie screening issue in Lahore. He added that the issue had to be fixed immediately, “or else we will only have ourselves to blame for the underperformance of arguably Pakistan’s best film.”


You won’t be able to see The Legend of Mola Jatt in a theatre near you in Lahore. As the movie is not screening in Lahore. Negotiations between movie studios, distributors, and producers may cause the release to be delayed on numerous screens. The massively expensive film was again the subject of controversy nowadays. The Legend Of Mola Jatt emerged from the legal minefield. The movie producer, distributor, and theatre owners have yet to decide to lower ticket prices.

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