A Teenage Lad Committed Suicide After His Father Took Away His Phone

Teenage Lad Committed Suicide

According to a media site, a teenage lad committed suicide in Faisalabad earlier today after his father took away his phone and told him to study for the exam.

Ibrahim was a matric student who was scheduled to take an exam tomorrow, according to details. When his father took away his phone because he was continually using it instead of studying, he was furious. The young child became so enraged by his father’s behavior that he took up a pistol and shot himself in the head, killing him instantly.

Following the event, a team from the Jhang Bazar Police Station arrived on the scene right away and rushed the dead body to the nearest hospital for an autopsy. After a few hours, the body was handed over to the family for final rites.

This isn’t the first time a teen has gone to extremes to focus on their future when urged to give up or limit their use of smartphones and social media apps.

A seminar on this topic was held last month by the Young Journalists’ Society (YJS) of Government College University (GCU) Lahore. Young people all over the world have free access to mobile phones and social media platforms, according to the speakers, and only a small percentage of them are aware of the harmful repercussions on their mental health.

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