The Reality of China’s ‘Artificial Sun’

china artificial sun

No doubt, China is making progress in high-tech day by day. Another breakthrough of China is the Artificial Sun. Wait for a minute! Are you thinking of it as a huge hot ball like one of our galaxies? Pardon, you are mistaken. In actuality, the artificial sun is a nuclear fusion reactor. I am sure that you are wondering why the term China’s artificial sun has gone viral. Here comes the answer. When this nuclear fusion reactor named artificial sun was turned on for 1056 seconds it produced 5 times the energy of the sun. And it is a world record.

Now the question that arises in our mind is the purpose of this experiment of artificial sun. Its simple answer is energy production. To gain energy we mostly use natural sources like coal, natural gas, and oil. But they produce toxic material as waste and cause air and water pollution.

Moreover, the population of the world is increasing at a rapid rate. So is the case with the energy demand. That’s why to meet the requirements the scientists are searching for other ways to produce energy.   

In this regard, scientists think that nuclear fusion can prove very helpful to maximize energy production. Another advantage of it is that it produces clean energy that means the pollution will be minimal.

Besides, the increase in energy consumption can not be coped with limited sources of fossil fuels, only. Keeping in view this issue, the raw material required for the operation of the artificial sun is in plenty on earth.  Thus, it can help to solve the issue of increasing energy consumption.

But it is not as simple as it seems. The energy required to generate the fusion is much more than it produces. However, China’s artificial sun which is five times hotter than the real sun is a nice advance in technology.

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