Ramadan 2020 – A blessed month, amidst the chaos

ramadan 2020

Ramadan, in all its glory, is a very blessed month for Muslims. Around the world, this month is celebrated as Muslims fast and says the prayer with more virtue. They look forward to the reward of their hard work at fasting and staying away from sin, in the result of Eid-ul-Fitr and the reward they receive after judgment.

Ramadan, every year is a month that Muslims wait patiently for. It is a joyous and blessed month where the Muslim communities echo with the words of Allah Almighty.

As at the beginning of 2020, a pandemic known as COVID-19 coronavirus, struck this world, shaking every country to the core. It still is going hot and fast as the virus which first clawed in China, Wuhan, then spread to the rest of the world.

Because this virus is still going hard, the Holy month of Ramadan is majorly affected negatively.

As Saudi Arabia, the center of Muslim nation announced the Ramadan on 24th April, other Muslim states, including Saudi Arabia, had to make major changes in the communal prayers and other festivities of Ramadan.

Major changes during Ramadan 2020: 

The holy cities of Makkah and Medina, which are filled with Muslims, during this month, are closed because of the COVID-19. As the virus spread far and wide, the communal prayer of Taraweeh during Ramadan is also not being offered in the mosques, as the king of Saudi with deep sadness expressed in an interview that social distancing is much needed right now and Allah Almighty will forgive us for such sins, as he also said “It hurts me deep down to welcome this holy month of Ramadan in such a way that forbids us of offering our prayers in mosques. But this all is being done to protect more lives and to look after the well-being of a human.”

  • Many mosques around the world, gave out free Iftar services, including within Makkah and Medina, which are canceled because of COVID-19.
  • Iteqaf (religious seclusion) in mosques is suspended until further notice, around the world.
  • The Taraweeh prayer is also to be offered at home and not in mosques, in many Muslim countries.
  • Many other Muslim countries, including Pakistan, have the rule of saying Taraweeh prayer either in big mosques or at home.
  • Gathering during Iftar or Suhur timing is strongly prohibited by the Muslim countries.
  • Many businesses bloom during Ramadan, such as traditional food. But this year, many restaurant owners, stalls, and markets are going downwards in the sale.

Much has happened since the spread of COVID-19, and much more has to happen, many countries think. Amidst this chaos, Muslims pray for a blessing, for a light to shine, as the world is being engulfed by this unknown disease. Many pray for the safety of others and with Muslims joined other communities for prayers to have a blessing upon them and the world for the cure of COVID-19.

Stay home, stay protected, take precautions, and stay safe.

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