PUBG Maker Is Suing Apple, Google, And Free Fire Developer Garena

PUBG is suing Apple and Google

Perhaps you have already heard about Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Maybe you are feeling difficult to remember this. But just say it’s PUBG about which I was talking. Yes! PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and is known as PUBG. Now we come to the news about this famous game. The news is PUBG is suing Apple and Google. The reason is that both let the rip-off version of PUBG on their app stores.  

The maker of the PUBG has claimed that Garena’s game Free Fire has copied his game’s elements like location, the structure of the game, and tools. It is to be noted that Free Fire is one of the rivals of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG was the first battle game in the industry of game. An official complaint is said that millions of copies of Free Fire are made available on the App Store and Google Play Store in 2017. And Garena’s earned amount is $100 million. He earned this amount by selling Free Fire in the United States in the first twelve-week of 2021. That’s why PUBG is suing Google and apple that are two tech giants.

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Besides, Krafton has accused Goggle’s YouTube of being a defendant to Free Fire.  

Goggle’s YouTube has been accused by Krafton for hosting Free Fire’s gameplay videos and a Chinese film of which live-action is in the actual dramatization of PUBG. That is the exact story behind the news of PUBG’s developer is suing Apple and Google.

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