PM States Quick Prosecution of Terrorists Is Essential

Terrorists Is Essential

To counter the threat of terrorism, Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphasized a multi-pronged approach, full-spectrum response, and aggressive implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP). 

He stated that the government has zero tolerance for terrorists and that quick prosecution is essential to make terrorists an example. He also emphasized the importance of taking proactive efforts to address future risks.

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan presided over a meeting of the Apex Committee on the National Action Plan (NAP). The forum strongly condemned the Peshawar incident and expressed condolences to those who died as a result of it. The prime minister insisted that any plots to destabilize the country would fail because the entire country was unified against the threat of terrorism. 

He claimed that while the public recognizes that elements are attempting to sow discord through sectarianism and hate speech, the state will never allow such schemes to prevail.

The Secretary of the Interior Division gave a detailed presentation on the status of the NAP’s implementation, including steps taken to stifle terror financing, counter violent extremism, investigate and prosecute terrorism cases, intolerance toward militancy, capacity building of law enforcement agencies, regulation and registration of seminaries, the merger of formerly FATA areas, criminal justice system reforms, eliminating sectarian terrorism, and reducing smuggling. 

The meeting was informed that on the majority of action points, satisfactory execution had been achieved; nevertheless, help from provincial governments is required for inter-provincial difficulties.

The Apex Committee emphasized the importance of strengthening the role of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) in coordinating critical counter-terrorism measures and counter-terrorism department capacity building. It was also stressed that provinces should devote more resources to conducting effective investigations by employing scientific methods and establishing sophisticated forensic facilities. The need of bringing terrorism cases to a conclusion in a court of law was highlighted.

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