Perfect and easy Wild rice recipe

Wild rice

We all love healthy, notorious, and tasty food. Still, some dishes keep your mind in a thinking stage, and you feel to check other instructions before cooking them no matter if you are an expert or a beginner, so among the series of the wild rice is one of them.

Some people love to eat wild rice, but they don’t know the wild rice recipe. So if you are the one who is in search of finding a perfect, wild rice recipe, then you are in the right place.

Without losing any single minute, let’s get the ball roll and unveil the way through which you can quickly cook the wild rice at your place.

But wait before this, one thing which most people ask, and that is why wild rice is so expensive? And what makes this unique?

Why wild rice, and what makes this rice unique?

One thing which makes this rice unique is that it is hand-harvested, farmers get the seeds out and bent this rice seed heads into the canoe and then beat it with the paddles to loosen, and that is why wild rice is also expensive as compared to the other rice types.

Additionally, people love to eat wild rice because it is highly anti-oxidant gluten-free and enrich of earthy nutty flavors, gives you toasty taste, high in magnesium, fiber, zinc, phosphorous, and vitamin B6

How to cook wild rice?

Cooking wild rice is not a big deal, but before cooking, some people prefer to soak it, and some don’t. The logic behind this is simple as if you want to soak it before cooking so it will cook 50 percent faster; however, without soaking, it will take a bit longer time. So no matter which method you adopt but make sure before cooking, you have washed the rice properly.

  • Pick the right pack and Ratio:

One major mistake which people mostly do is not to pick the correct packet. There are so many categories are available in super marts. Try to pick the only wild rice labeled packet instead of wild rice blend as the ideal ratio is 3 to 1 for natural wild rice cook.

  • Simmer covered:

Last but not least is to simmer and cover your rice. As I mentioned above, different brands and companies offer wild rice, so the simmer or cooking time depends on the brand. But usually, it takes 45 to 55 minutes.

For cooking, you need to place it in a pot and bring it to boil, then cover it and simmer. During this, don’t forget to check the taste. The rice will automatically burst once it’s done.

Final Words:

You can also cook wild rice in your pressure cooker as there is no hard and fast rule to follow. I hope this little piece of wild rice recipe guide helps you out during the time of your cooking.

You can serve the wild rice along with salads, side dishes, and casseroles too.

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