People’s Discontentment with Health and Education Ministers of Pakistan

Health and Education Minister

According to a 2021 poll conducted by the Paris-based market research firm Ipsos, more than half of Pakistanis are unsatisfied with the performance of the PTI government on all issues.

The results of the study reveal a high level of unhappiness among Pakistanis. Because, according to the study, which included 1,100 male and female respondents over the age of 18 from across the country, 55 percent of Pakistanis ranked the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s performance as below expectations, 13% as above expectations, and 32% as meeting expectations.

Opposition, on the other hand, is not an anomaly when it comes to making our country miserable. According to the survey’s findings, around 46% of those who are dissatisfied have expressed their dissatisfaction.

While 56 percent of those polled said the opposition’s performance was below average, 15% said it was above normal, and 29 percent said it met their expectations.

Three out of every five respondents were dissatisfied with the performance of the provincial government. During this time, 56 percent of citizens were dissatisfied with opposition parties’ performance.

Dissatisfaction with the performance of the provincial governments was 52 percent in Punjab, and 82 percent in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. In Sindh, 75% of people are dissatisfied with the performance of their provincial administrations.

Aside from the PTI government’s performance, the study shows that roughly 40% of Pakistanis consider the performance of the National Command Operation Center worse than expected, as only 21% believe it is better than expected, and 39% believe it is average. Besides, the performance of Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Minister of Education, Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, and the judiciary were indicated as lower than expected in the survey.

In a recent poll, 47 percent of Pakistanis said the judiciary’s performance was worse than expected, 15 percent said it was better than expected, and only 38 percent said they were satisfied.

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