North Korean Embassy in Islamabad Was Raided for Allegedly Storing Liquor

North Korean Embassy in Islamabad

Following a report that a large amount of liquor was concealed within the North Korean embassy in the federal capital, a team of officers stormed the embassy.

According to reports, the raid took place earlier this week after a Senior Superintendent of Police authorized an investigation team to investigate a tip about the existence of liquor at the embassy.

It is yet unknown whether police officers have recorded liquor bottles from the diplomatic mission’s office. The matter came to light after the embassy protested the raid as a violation of the Vienna Convention in a letter to the Inspector General of Islamabad Police.

Seven police officers broke into the embassy on March 7, according to the letter from the North Korean embassy. “The mission staff told them that the embassy’s premises are DPRK sovereign territory and wanted them to halt this awful crime immediately,” it stated. “However, the police rejected the plea, inspected the backyard storerooms under the guise of seizing some products, and intimidated the personnel with weapons,” Dawn said from the letter.

It claimed that a police squad had smashed the embassy’s doors and that the raid was carried out by “some foreign force.”

“The DPRK Embassy expresses its deep remorse over this incident and requests that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and security organizations conduct a comprehensive investigation into those responsible and take steps to avoid similar incidents in the future.”

A break-in at the house of the North Korean ambassador in Islamabad in 2017 raised concerns regarding the foreign diplomat’s involvement in illegal alcohol sales.

Thousands of bottles of liquor, beer, and wine had been stolen from his Islamabad home, according to reports at the time.

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