It was Beef, not the Donkey Meat

donkey meat

Guests at a wedding in Karachi are supposedly served meals prepared from donkey meat. Locals noticed a number of donkeys chained and a couple of butchers chopping meat in an abandoned marriage hall, which led to the discovery of the development.

People of 4K Chowrangi in the regional capital observed donkeys in the vacant hall of a wedding marquee, according to information. They also found a couple of butchers cutting enormous quantities of donkey meat around the heads and feet of donkeys.

Locals reportedly stated that 11 donkeys were originally roped in the wedding hall. However, four donkeys went missing in just two days, leaving only seven standing. They assumed the donkeys had been killed and donkey meat distributed to reception guests at another wedding. Residents contacted the police, who searched the wedding hall after witnessing this. The donkeys were sent to a local animal sanctuary while the butchers were caught and a huge amount of sliced meat was confiscated.

During the raid, cops discovered cow skulls and feet at the abandoned wedding hall. The arrested suspects said in the early investigation that they were chopping cow meat for a wedding function at some other adjacent marriage venue.

When challenged about the sight of donkeys within the wedding hall, the suspects stated that the donkeys belonged to locals who had tied them up there. They also claimed that the four donkeys’ owners had taken them away, leaving seven donkeys behind. Meanwhile, police claimed that they had not found the first evidence that the donkey was slaughtered and the meat was served at the wedding hall, and samples of the confiscated meat were sent to a local laboratory for inspection. He added. 

 False allegations 

 Laboratory tests revealed that the meat confiscated from the abandoned wedding hall was beef, confirmed by DIG West Karachi and Nasir Aftab.

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 At a news conference, DIG West Karachi said all the arrested suspects had been released and warned that they would not tie a donkey at a wedding hall in the future.

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