Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICT) has set up a WhatsApp Hotline

Keeping pace with the modern demands the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICT) has set up a WhatsApp hotline to make it easy for the general public to register complaints and obtain important information with just a few clicks.

 This makes Islamabad Capital Territory Police the first police station in the country to introduce the WhatsApp hotline for rapid registration and resolution of complaints.

 In this regard, ICT Police Inspector General (IGP) Muhammad Ahsan Younas said the public was able to contact the ICT police through the WhatsApp hotline. All they have to do is save 03342874287 in their contact list and send a WhatsApp message to that number. 

The hotline is available in both English and Urdu. The general public has access to 18 ICT police services through the WhatsApp hotline. These include IGP complaint cells, police facilitation center services, online crime and complaint reporting systems, ICT police helpline numbers, sexual harassment reports, online termination of all services, police advice, and about Islamabad Police. Includes police station. 

We also have overseas Pakistani services, social media, Islamabad police mobile apps and websites, youth involvement programs, Zainab Alert, daily inquiries and investigations, most sought after criminals, access to PMDU, suggestions. And feedback is also included.

This step on the part of Islamabad Capital Territory Police is really praiseworthy and helpful for the general public.

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