In Karachi Theater Festival Organized to Voice Against Gender-Based Violence

Karachi Theater Festival

The Community Theater Festival was jointly organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) Karachi and Tehreek-e-Niswan Nida-e-Aman based on excellent performances by students from Karachi’s backward regions at the Arts Council Auditorium II. Participants include students from Saeedabad, Maripur, Gulzar Hijri, Pehlwan Goth, Shereen Jinnah Colony, and Ibrahim Haideri.

“Sheema Kirmani and her team deserve appreciation on the successful organisation of this wonderful theatre festival,” Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah said in a statement.

“It has been at least 35 years since they began the effort and committed their entire lives, yet this fight continues to develop despite great hurdles,” he added, paying tribute to Sheema Kirmani and all women empowerment advocates. “We are very few, and the enemies of peace, love, light, civilization, culture, and this city are quite powerful,” he added of those who oppose women’s empowerment and voices against gender-based violence.

Despite the odds, he stated that they will continue to promote the message of peace and progress without the use of cannons or swords. According to the ACP president, engaging young minds through the power of theater can transform their mental process. “This city has indeed been wrecked by design; now it is up to the residents of this city to take ownership of it, and insha’Allah, the hope is that everyone will take it in the right direction,” Shah added.

The students are presenting their original plays that they wrote, learned, and directed. Various groups of students presented plays that addressed various social topics and were well received by the audience. Finally, the crowd was wowed by Sheema Kirmani’s outstanding performance.

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