How to store garlic? Some quick and relevant ways

How to store garlic

How to store garlic? Well, I don’t know how many of you guys are aware of this, but still, when I was searching on the web randomly, during that time, this How to store garlic is one of the popping up questions which the majority of the people were questioning on the kitchen related blogs and articles. 

To consider this, I decided to pick this How to store garlic question. So, as by the name of the title you guys are aware that my today’s article is all about How to store garlic in which I try my level best to jot down some of the relevant and easiest effective ways through which you aware that how can you easily store garlic at your place without any worries and hurdles. 

So instead of dragging this more, let’s come back to the point and reveal the hidden mystery behind this How to store garlic together.

Simply peel off

The best way is to keep or store the garlic and peel off and put it inside the fridge. Believe me or not but, this is one of the ideal ways which I do too is to simply peel off the entire bunch of garlic and then wash it, and after washing it convert it into any reliable container or box and then shift it into the fridge. 

So as the result, the garlic will stay fresh and you guys can easily use it during the time of your cooking without any hurdle of peeling it off and all. 

Place it as it is same in a dry/room temperature portion

To continue this How to store garlic tail, another approach through which you guys can make your garlic staying longer and fresh is to put it somewhere in a dry place without doing anything. 

Like if the store, market, and grocery place are away from your place then the best approach is to buy the heap or bunch of garlic, and then without doing anything simply put it in the basket and place it somewhere where you feel the room temperature is moderate. 

So doing this trick, you can increase your garlic stability and use it for a long duration without any tension of rotten and all.

Flavored oil

Another trick of How to store garlic is to put it along with the combination of your flavored oil. For this, what you all need to do is simply peel off the garlic, cut or separate it into cloves form or any other form in which you prefer to cut the garlic and then simply take a container to fill it with your favorite oil which you prefer in your cooking and all and then put the entire bunch of garlic cloves in that container. 

The majority of the people aren’t aware of this trick, but besides the fridge, implementing this trick is one of the best tricks among the entire How to store garlic tricks.

Cubes and freeze

The next approach which you guys can adopt for the sake of storing your garlic for a longer duration or period is to freeze it. It’s up to you like in which form you store it into your freezer. 

Some people prefer to cut it into pieces and then freeze it into the cubes form whereas, on the other hand, some prefer to simply chop it or simply peel off the garlic cloves and then freeze it along with the container or any general bowl. 

In both situations, you guys can store your garlic for a longer period. 

But one thing, which I think is important to mention or clear you all is that when it comes to the comparison between the fridge, freezer, and room temperature so one of the perfect tricks of How to store garlic is room temperature one.

Paste form combination

Despite this freezing trick, another approach that you guys can consider storing the garlic for a longer period is to make the garlic paste along with the ginger. But this is also optional. Because some people don’t like to cook their meal along with the ginger paste, some love to cook. 

So it depends on you, if you guys love and have no objection to making or cooking your meal or food along with the ginger then try this pasting trick. 

One of the best advantages of this trick is that you can store your garlic even for months without any tensions.


I hope after reading this How to store garlic above-mentioned tricks you guys are quite familiar with how and what kind of ways of storing your garlic for a long time. 

Apart from this, you think this is not enough or you want to know some more tricks and tactics related to How to store garlic then feel free to ping me down. 

I would love to trigger your considerations.

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