How to remove waterproof eyeliner by doing simple DIY tricks

How to remove waterproof eyeliner

How to remove waterproof eyeliner is one of the most frequent questions which girls ask so many times on the web. So if you are the one who is facing this and want to know that How to remove waterproof eyeliner then no need to get worried in my today’s article I try my level best to counter your this How to remove waterproof eyeliner so through this you guys can know the ways that how can you remove your eyeliner by doing some DIY tricks without any asking or helps.

To continue this tail, let’s get the ball roll and reveal this How to remove waterproof eyeliner DIY tricks together.

Some quick and effective How to remove waterproof eyeliner tricks

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A Vaseline/ petroleum jelly

This is one of the super-easy tricks no matter how much eyeliner you guys have put over your eye area. Make sure you mainly apply it over your eyes area and then gently rub it. Make sure you are not rubbing it so hard or by pressing or pushing any pressure as this is the most sensitive area of your skin so act wisely and be very picky when you do this. Doing this, helps you to get rid of this How to remove waterproof eyeliner tension and make your things quite easier and friendly.

The rose water

This is also one of the most common products which all of us have in our house. As we know how effective rose water is for our skin and how it helps to clean and fresh our skin no matter what kind or type of skin we have as it is suitable for all dry, normal, and sensitive skins. Despite this, on the other hand, the same goes for the eyeliner remover, like if you guys use the waterproof eyeliner but at the time of removing you are facing this How to remove waterproof eyeliner issue then sit relaxed as this is not a big issue.

All you need to do is simply take a piece of cotton cloth or a wipe and then dip it well with the drops of rose water. After this, gently rub the dipped cloth or wipe over your eye area and that’s it.

Doing this for a minute is simply enough to give you clean and effective results. As it is one of the safest deals of removing your eyeliner why? Because the rose water is also beneficial for the eyes and people use the drops of rosewater for their eye-soothing and cleaning.

So, this one is the most secure and best option as compared to Vaseline because rose water is free from any harsh and harmful chemicals and organic and natural deal for all of us without any asking.

Waterproof wipes for makeup removing

Another easy DIY trick for How to remove waterproof eyeliner is to utilize waterproof wipes. See there are 2 kinds of wipes that are available at any store one are the normal wipes and the second one is the wipes that are especially for waterproof makeup. 

So if you don’t want to do any single effort or want just quick results then make sure you have this wipe pack at your home. During the time of buying your waterproof makeup make sure you also buy this wipes pack and then during the time of removing your waterproof makeup or whether it’s your eyeliner or anything else use this wipe and see the instant result of cleaning without any fuss.

The cleansing oil

Last but not least in the series of How to remove waterproof eyeliner, this one is my favorite way because it not just cleanse your waterproof makeup or eyeliner but also nourish your skin gently without doing any additional effort so it’s like a 2 in 1 deal for all those who are using this trick during the time of their makeup removing.

Cleansing oils are easily available at any store so make sure you are picking the oil as per your skin requirement as some of the best cleaning oils are tea tree oil and so on.


After reading the mentioned-above detailed How to remove waterproof eyeliner article you guys are quite aware of what are the ways and how can you guys easily remove your eyeliner without any panic or hurdle.

Despite this, you think this is not enough or you want to know more related to this How to remove waterproof eyeliner then feel free to ping me down.

I would love to trigger your queries and try my level best to come up with some more relevant DIY tricks and tactics.

So what’s more you want? Go and simply pick any one DIY mentioned-above trick and get rid of your waterproof eyeliner.

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