Hareem Shah’s Lip Treatment Left Incomplete Due to Freeze Accounts

Hareem Shah’s Lip

Hareem Shah, a popular Pakistani TikToker, is back in the spotlight after posting a video on social media with her top lip half swollen, which appears to be a bit strange.

The notorious TikToker was shown with swollen lips in a recent video released on social media. She informed her friends about the FIA’s decision to freeze her accounts. She received the news on her phone while receiving lip fillers, according to her.

She also revealed that she was in an aesthetician’s clinic to have lip fillers, which she had been wanting for a long time, but that she had to stop in the middle due to a call from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, she explains that she had to stop the therapy in the middle since what good is a treatment if you don’t have any money in your account?

“I went to a specialist to get my lip filler done. I got a call on my smartphone as he finished one side of the lip. I learned that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIA) has issued a notification to freeze my accounts. So, I had to stop in the middle because getting fillers done when you don’t have any money is prohibitively expensive.”

Hareem Shah, a TikTok celebrity, had previously admitted to unlawfully exporting thousands of euros from Pakistan.

The controversial figure flaunted bundles of foreign dollars in a few Instagram broadcasts.

Hareem Shah described how she was able to take such a large sum of money with her in the videos. The TikTok celebrity claims she was unaware of the minimum amount of money that could be taken abroad.

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The Tiktoker cautioned her fans to exercise caution when transporting such a large sum of money.

Hareem Shah went on to say that she had no problems because she had a work visa and confirmation of why she was traveling with the money.

Shah is being investigated by the Financial Investigation Agency (FIA) in a money laundering case for allegedly transporting a large sum of money from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

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