Spouse Of Hareem Shah Has Got the Spotlight By Sindh Police

Hareem Shah Sindh Police

Hareem Shah’s husband was fired from the Sindh police force in 2021 for his involvement in illegal activities, according to a disturbing Geo News report published today.

Hareem’s spouse, Bilal Shah, has been serving as a police constable in Sindh police from October 1, 2021, according to the police’s special branch’s inquiry report. Extortion, drug trafficking, and other criminal actions had led to Bilal’s dismissal from the military.

On September 21, 2021, SSP Headquarters South Irfan Zaman initiated an investigation into Bilal Shah after obtaining information about his criminal actions. Three show-cause notices had been served on Shah but he did not submit a reply to any of them.

According to the sources, intelligence data and the location of his phone revealed that he was involved in illegal activity. In October of last year, he was sacked. During his service, Shah was sent to Bilawal House as a security guard, where he was able to photograph several prominent politicians.

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Shah had been living in a slum section of Qayyumabad for a few months before relocating to Defense, an upscale neighborhood of the city. The police officers were taken aback by a discharged police constable’s opulent lifestyle, valuable watch, and Vigo automobile.

It’s worth noting that Shah’s brother was also discharged from the military after being accused of dealing with narcotics dealers. He was detained a few weeks ago.

Bilal Shah has filed a lawsuit in response to the police report’s claims against him.

In an interview with Geo News, Shah stated that he was not currently employed by any government department. In response to a question, Shah stated that he joined the police force but did not serve on the force. Police employment, according to Shah, can be bought. He, on the other hand, claimed that he was hired because of his abilities.

Shah denied all the claims made against him in the police report, claiming that he was never stationed at the Bilawal House during his military service. He claimed to have more expensive vehicles than Vigo.

In response to an inquiry concerning his sources of income, Shah stated that he has been running a business for the past few years.

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