Hajra Yamin Is Being Criticized for Sharing Her Bold Workout Video

Hajra Yamin Bold Workout Video

The acting skills and captivating persona of Pakistan’s emerging star Hajra Yamin are the reasons why her fans have fallen head over heels in love with her.

The Pinky Memsaab actress is stunning both on and off-screen, with an enticing Instagram feed that draws her fans glued to her.  This time, the Ehd e Wafa actor spoke up about her gym routine and the struggle she puts in to maintain her trendy appearance and beautiful figure.

“Box jump Every day, I’m working to regain my pre-Covid strength. Remember to be consistent, patient, and listen to your body’s needs. #postcovidrecovery #takingitslow #gym #fzmboutiquefitness #fitness #patience #???? #hajrayamin “, she said in the description.

The Jalan actress was busy working out in her new exercise video, giving fans big fitness dreams. Many of her followers adore the video, and they are gushing over her in the comments.

The keyboard warriors, on the other hand, are not pleased with the actress and have trashed her.

There are some comments in which some expressed love for her and some criticized her for being bold in dressing.

The NaqabZan actor is one of known fittest stars, and the fitness-obsessed fashionista refuses to give up her gym regimens.

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