Great Grandson of Liaqat Ali Khan Preferred Showbiz Over Politics

Moazzam Ali khan Tv actor

The people who join the showbiz industry are mostly those who have such a background. No doubt new and upcoming talent, having no such family background showing a tendency to this field. But mostly well-recognized artists have a family background of the field they are well versed in. However, sometimes your hidden talent, when it appears, can make you famous in an entirely different field.

This happened to one of the main actors of the showbiz industry of Pakistan, Moazzam Ali Khan. Moazzam Ali Khan, who is recently showing his acting skills in a wonderful and enthralling hit drama serial Ishq E Laa. He is the great-grandson of Liaquat Ali Khan, the country’s first high minister.

Drama serial Sabaat was his first venture of acting that proved successful. His commencement of the TV profession was from a key role. Since then, He persevered his adventure of achievement withinside the field of showbiz.

Being the great-grandson of Liaquat Ali Khan, Moazzam could have been extra desirable to politics but he said no to politics. However, he opted for acting. Moreover, his dad and mom ventured into the field of acting a long time ago.

 His dad and mom Nawabzada Musharraf Ali Khan and Mumtaz Parveen had acted in “Sunehre Din” a drama of the early Nineteen Nineties by Shoaib Masoor.

When Moazzam Ali Khan was asked why he did not choose politics, he replied that politics wasn’t always for him.

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Moreover, he said that many relatives of his are concerned with politics but his father always avoided this domain. Perhaps that is the reason that he does not find any tendency within himself to join politics.  

Apart from being an excellent actor, he likes Urdu poetry and literature. Although the young generation is now less interested in Literary things especially regarding Urdu Literature. Besides, Moazzam Ali Khan also serves as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expert.

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