The Offensive Gay Dance Party at IBA, Karachi

Gay Dance Party at IBA

A dance party including the gay and lesbian community was hosted at the Institute of Business Administration, a renowned educational institution in the port city, according to accounts on social media.

A series of disturbing videos and photographs from the purported incident, which have not been independently authenticated, have prompted fury on Twitter, with people criticizing the institution’s administration.

Several IBA instructors and graduates, according to the source, reported the offending recordings to the administrations via email, requesting strong action against those participating in the “shameful act.” They said the LGBT dance party was against the country’s social ideals.

Despite the presence of security officials, the event went unnoticed within the prominent institutions, according to Express News. Officials are avoiding responding when contacted about the issue, according to the report.

People have complained to the IBA administrations about students’ attire and vulgar actions on the campuses of the institutions, but no action has been taken to stop them, according to the report.

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On social media people’s fury and angry behavior is much obvious. They condemn that incident and ask for the accountability of administration of Institute of Business Administration. They condemn any kind of shameless activities which go against our social, moral and ethical values.

Moreover, they asked the government to take actions against this incident.

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