Punjab Government Would Give Free Treatment for Infertility in The Province

Free Treatment for Infertility

According to the Punjab Health Department, starting in June, the Punjab government would give free treatment for infertility in the province.

According to details, the Punjab Health Department has announced that the province will provide treatment for infertility for the first time on a government level in the country, adding that the private sector charges hundreds of thousands of rupees to provide in vitro fertilization (IVF) to childless couples in order to give birth to a test tube baby.

The government would provide the facility free of charge to childless couples, according to the Health Department.

According to the Punjab Health Department, this department was formed for the first time at Lahore’s Mother-Child Care Hospital, and “this facility would be offered on a government level from June this year.”

The Health Department also stated that the hospital would provide free diagnostic services for children’s physical and mental disorders prior to delivery. “A center will also be developed to diagnose health problems of women during the pregnancy period,” according to the Health Department.

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