A Fiverr Gig’s Silver and Diamond Packages

Data Darbar Fiverr Gig

Nowadays everyone’s life is getting so mechanical that we hardly manage to pray. It is embarrassing that being Muslims we are oblivious of our daily religious duties. But we continue to ignore that thing every day. So, here comes a person on Fiverr who has a solution to that negligence.   

He charges to pray on your part at Data Darbar. So, whenever you need prayers you can give him money and in return, he will pray for you. This person’s Fiverr Gig got viral for the packages he is providing. They include Silver and Diamond Packages. These packages have different rates. The more you add the money the more services at the favored shrine would be performed on your behalf.

This picture of a Fiverr Gig has been making the rounds on social media wherein the vendor has shared a gig to hope at Data Darbar and different shrines in Lahore in exchange for money. The silver package deal, which prices PKR 4,616, had the subsequent description that he will pray professionally for you withinside the city of Data Ganj Bakhsh, Lahore.

He additionally supplied days of shipping time. The dealer additionally proposes a diamond package deal for PKR 18,463. In the diamond package deal, the vendor has been presenting the subsequent services that mean he will pray, burn oil lamps and distribute meals to the needy, in the vicinity of you, on your favored shrine.

It’s shocking and amusing that now you can buy such services with money. Whether it is for real or not, it makes us realize our robot life routine. That we are so much consumed with the idea of earning money that we are left with no time to connect with our Creator. Take a few minutes and Ponder on the situation.

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