Unknown shocking facts about monster energy drink

monster energy drink

When it comes to energy drinks so, no doubt, there are tons of other alternative options that are available in the market. But what if you are in search of something that not just gives you a good kick but also gives you a delicious and mouth-watering taste? Indeed we all want to get something better and better. 

So to consider this, today, in this article, I try to highlight some useful and enticing facts about the monster drinks. 

So without wasting any moment, let’s get the ball roll and unveil some shocking facts about monster drinks together.

But wait before going to move towards the facts, it is essential to first know about this drink a little bit more. 

What is a monster energy drink?

The thing that makes this drink unique is its taste. It gives you a Chocó full caffeine taste along with a sweet and robust brew mixture. According to the research, it has been noticed that monster drink is highly demandable and considers the best energy source for all the nerds, hipsters, and rockers across the world. 

Saying this is not wrong that this drink not just boosts your energy stamina but also gives you a great coffee alternative taste. 

So in case you are not that much a coffee lover or coffee fan, then I highly recommend you to try this drink. 

How much caffeine in a monster energy drink?

How much caffeine in a monster energy drink?

This drink was introduced in 2002 April by the Hansen Natural Company. So as it is also known as the energy drink that means it undoubtedly has a high sugar and caffeine. As per the comparison facts and figures, it has been noticed that apart from the red bull, coffee, and other energy drinks, this monster energy has contained a higher amount of caffeine. 

“but as per some other facts and figures blogs, red bull has a high level of caffeine (as there is no surety in this) so it’s like a close or in between competition between these two drinks

Saying or claiming the exact amount of caffeine in a monster drink is quite tricky because this monster drink brand has 34 different flavors’ and each flavor has its specific amount of caffeine.

But the average amount of caffeine in the monster drink is around 36mg. Rest the increment and decrement amount of caffeine is quite changed according to its different flavors.

Monster nutrition facts

Monster nutrition facts

Knowing monster nutrition facts is important because, among us, some people are highly diet conscious and are very picky and conscious when it comes to any eating or drinking stuff. So if you are new and not that much aware of this drink nutrition facts, then there is no need to get worried. 

This monster drink has contained no fat that means 0mg fat. 

So if I consider a one serving of 240g monster drink can that means it has 

  • 100.8 calories
  • 180 mg which is equal to 8% sodium
  • 7.2mg potassium
  • 27 grams carbohydrates
  • 27 grams net carbs as well as sugar
  • 0 grams of fiber and proteins

Same on the other hand, when it comes about the minerals and vitamins so,

  • It has 2mg of vitamin B6 that means 154%
  • Vitamin B12 250%
  • 7.2mg calcium that means 1%
  • 86.4mg caffeine
  • 1% iron and magnesium 
  • 1% manganese and copper
  • 20mg Niacin that means 100% and last but not least
  • 100% riboflavin 

These percentage values are based on the 2,000 calories daily diet estimation. Rest, you can change, add, and decrease it according to your calorie needs.

Despite this, each drink has its own positive and negative impacts; the same goes for this drink. Like if this drink is suitable for your energy-boosting, so it also has some of its negative impacts as well. 

Some of the significant and severe side effects of this monster drink are

  • Combination of Alcohol:

This drink has a flavor in which it comes up with a combination of alcohol. Logically saying, having an energy drink that is already full of caffeine also come up in a mixture of alcohol so that undoubtedly effects on your health especially if you  are taking it more than twice or thrice time in a week, 

As per the research, it also has been noticed that teenagers love this monster alcoholic flavor, which is such an inadequate consideration. 

So folks, my advice for you all is before buying just to think and then pick wisely. 

  • Lead you towards heart medical issues:

Another severe side effect that has been triggered is the heart issue. Drinking this monster drink a lot means you are welcoming chest pain/ heart pain, and heart palpitations. 

So make sure to drink it once a week or a time when you highly need it like in your study hours, workaholic stuff, or midnight oil hours. 

  • Nausea and insomnia:

The severe next thing which may happen if you drink this monster daily is nausea or insomnia. So having this drink continuously affects your health and sleeping routine cycle. 

  • Headaches and dizziness:

Those who drink this monster drink in their regular cycle face regular headaches, dizziness, and some head-shaking issues frequently, which is also a big sign of alarming situations. 

  • Stomach issues:

As I mentioned above, this drink contains a high amount of caffeine, which is not suitable for your inner body system. 

So drinking it more than 2 or 3 times a week means you may have some stomach issues, digestive problems, and some severe stomach pain or infections as well. 

  • Anxiety:

Last but not least, another side effect that can happen if you drink this monster drink regularly is anxiety or stress. Each thing has its limit, and if you cross the limit, that leads you towards the side effects. So my advice for you all is to make sure you are not crossing the specified limit. 

Try to drink it once a week and make sure that you are not affecting your health just for the sake of increasing your energy level. 

Monster flavors

Monster flavors

When it comes to monster flavors, so, I mentioned it already; this drink has come up with 34 different types of flavors,’ but in North America. There are some jotted down highly demandable, or you can say highly selling flavors that people like and love to buy. 

So those highly considerable flavors are 

Maxx- this drink has super dry, Solaris, and eclipse flavors rest the drink itself has made up with nitrous oxide

Regular monster- the beauty of this drink is it has contained low carb, absolutely zero, and assault.

Hydro- this flavored drink is also known as the thirst-quenching drink, and it contains zero sugar, manic melon, blue ice, mean green, tropical thunder, and purple passion. 

Rehab- this is also known as a tea-based drink flavor as it has a mixture taste of peach tea, pink lemonade, lemonade, white dragon tea, raspberry tea, and orangeade. 

Muscle- this is an added protein flavor which can be easily come up in vanilla and chocolate 

Ultra- this is a lighter tasting flavor. So if you are in search of a zero-calorie monster drink, then this is the perfect one for you to try. It is available in violet, sunrise, red, blue, zero-calorie version, citron, black, and in other legitimately colors as well.

Java- this flavor offers you the entire coffee tastes. You can get espresso monster, mocha, Caffe monster in vanilla, vanilla, salted caramel, caramel, vanilla lite, mean bean, Irish blend, Loca mocha, and Kona blend as well. 

Punch– this one is available in mad dog and baller’s blend.

Juice- last but not the least one is juice. In this flavor, you can get the entire well-known juice-based varieties including, ripper, mango loco, khoas, and pipeline punch.

Purple monster energy drink

this drink is well- known because of its good long pull. This flavor gives you an ultraviolet, refreshingly sweet, crisp, and dust tart pixie flavor, which is enough to refresh your mind. 

Apart from this, my advice for you all is to try the absolute zero/ monster zero ultras as it has contained zero sugar and zero calories. 

On the other hand, monster ultra paradise is also one of the best considerations as especially for those who are diet conscious. This drink, also known as a dietary supplement drink Plus, this monster drink flavor comes up with zero sugar refreshing energy taste blend. You can get kiwi, cucumber, and a hint of lime in this sugar-free flavor. 

Rest, it’s totally up to you which flavor you like most and entice you. To know more about the monster flavors and its taste criteria, feel free to visit the monster drink official site. 

Monster BFC Can

Well, sometimes words can easily create a fuss, but don’t get worried. BFC means a big fuc—g can among the monster drink cans. The BFC can clock the 32oz energy monster proprietary blend, which is without any asking twice a time bigger of the 16oz of two servings of people can.

Final Words

I hope after reading this little piece of monster drink, its flavors guide helps you during the time of your buying and make your choice of flavor consideration worthy and wisely according to your desire. 

Despite this, you think something is missing, or you want to know anything else related to monster drink or any other of its drink flavor, then feel free to ping me in the mentioned-below comment section box. 

I would love to trigger your queries and counter it with some relevant answers.

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