Working on yet another extremely violent film is the maker of Squid Games

Squid Games

In discussing a possible collaboration, the writer has declared that he is working on an even more violent film called “KO Club.” It is based on a book written by an Italian author.

We have some fantastic news for those who enjoy the ‘Squid Games’! The author is now hard at work on a more violent film. On the other hand, Fans are advised not to hold their breath. Season 2 may not arrive until 2023. It may premiere in 2024.

However, the writer has revealed that he is working on a sequel to his previous work titled “KO Club,” which will be even more violent. The film will be about killing older people. It’s based on a book written by an Italian writer.

The murderous season of Squid Games is something that fans recall with affection. In a type of competition in which participants are harassed against one another in a bloody battle, it’s a kind of contest. What begins as a promise of big money for simply playing children’s games soon evolves into a deadly duel. The losers are put to death most painfully and brutally feasible.

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Squid Games is a violent and gory game. Participants must go through several competitions that would otherwise be nothing more than playground squabbles. When Hunger Games was published, it generated a lot of buzzes because it was about a bloody game in which participants competed against one another to survive. Despite following the same theme as Squid Games, they are distinctive in terms of plot and characters.

‘KO Club,’ a new film based on the hit online game ‘KO Club,’ is expected to enjoy a comparable degree of popularity to that of Squid Games. This is because Squid Games has a large fan base. According to Netflix, over 142 million accounts had viewed the program as of October 2021. Since then

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