Electricity Outage in Pakistan in October 2022

Electricity Outage in Pakistan

According to news reports on Thursday, Karachi suffered a significant power outage due to an Extra High Tension (EHT) line trip that disrupted the city’s power supply. Details indicated that the electricity supply was cut off after an additional high-tension line tripped, closing more than 30 grids in Pakistan.

Power outages were first observed in Gulshan-e-Maymar, FB Area, Liaquatabad, SITE, Superhighway, North Karachi, North Nazimabad, Surjani Town, Gulshan, Shah Faisal, and Malir.

Orange Town, Baldia, Saddar, Safora Chowrangi, Scheme 33 and surrounding areas were also without power.

According to KE Spokesperson, a team is trying to restore the city’s power supply; he also stated in a series of Tweets that the city is experiencing a power outage because of a problem with the NTDC System. He further said that the total restoration of the power supply to the city could take up to 5 hours.

Furthermore, some other areas of the country still lack energy; the minister promises it will be restored tonight. 5,000MW of the 8,000MW have reportedly been restored, and the Ministry of Energy has reported an “accidental failure.” As some areas of the country still lack energy, the minister promises to restore it by tonight. 5,000MW of the 8,000MW have reportedly been restored, and the Ministry of Energy has reported an “accidental failure.”

After Tarbela began supplying the nation with electricity, power outages got worse. Sources claim that the supply of electricity has also been disturbed from Tarbela, which has led to a breakdown in central Punjab following incidents in Karachi, Hyderabad, Balochistan, and South Punjab. Done. The grid frequency in Lesco has also gone below 50, which is alarming. 

Photo: tribune

Multiple grid stations in Lesco are shutting down simultaneously. According to reports, the power ministry has investigated the ongoing issue. The Ministry of Power asserts that the system will be up and running by 9 p.m. given that the high-level committee will present its findings in two days. According to sources, the country’s current electrical consumption is 17000 MW, while the system currently has 11,000 MW of electricity.

MW, the system currently has 11 thousand MW of electricity, electricity a Shortfall of 6kMW. Lesco officials say the quota remains 1975MW, demand 4kMW and supply half, and all feeders are told 12 hours of load-shedding, grid every hour in some areas. It will also remain closed for 2 hours. Keep in mind that due to a malfunction in the national grid, there has been a major power outage in different cities, including Karachi. 

According to the authorities, the electricity provided in the morning will last till night. According to sources, 6 thousand megawatts of electricity system due to disruption in the national grid. Operation underway for restoration of the National Grid: A malfunction in the national grid has caused major parts of Karachi to be deprived of electricity. Water supply from Dhabiji to Karachi has also been cut off due to power shortages. K Electric has claimed that strategic installations and Hospitals have been restored, and some areas have claimed power, but most areas are still without power. 

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