Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Myth or Misconception

does crying make your eyelashes longer

Does trying to help your eyelashes to grow? It is a famous online remark that many of us believe. Although, this myth is not just a rumour. Crying and shedding tears can be beneficial for the health of your body. But will grow your eyelashes longer is not the truth at all.

Crying is inevitable for some. It is a feeling of being overwhelmed. Sadness or happiness beyond its level of control.

Crying is about happiness, sadness, love, emotions, expressions and excitement.

Sometimes it is beautiful. It is a relief, depends on the situation, shows what you are concerned about. It shows the particular position and entity you possess in your life. Though shedding some tears, you can’t obtain long, enviable eyelashes. There are other ways that you can try to grow eyelashes. 

There are mainly three types of tears basal coats the eyes, reflex releases as a response to any irritation of the eye area, and emotional tears when the person becomes overwhelmed by any emotion.

Eyelashes – A First Line of Defence

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Eyelashes play an important role in eye protection and protect the eyes from dirt, debris and other harmful substances. It is named the first line of defence of the eyes. Eyelashes help prevent the eyes from sunlight that shines eyes. When the eyes are closed, eyelashes protect them against UVA and UVB rays.

What does science say about eyelashes and crying?

It has been said that crying is also good for the eyes and lashes. Here are some reasons listed below why you should let your eyes cry.

Crying Heals

It is scientifically approved that crying heals one. It is true and rightly said crying a self is a delicate process that provides great benefits to your body.

Relieves detoxifications

Tearing is a great way to relieve dust particles from your eyes. So, when you cry, the dust from your eyes washes away. It prevents infection. Tear includes lacrimal fluid that can fight against bacteria and other infections.

Release Toxins from the body

Crying can help you release toxins from the body as they contain stress hormones, So they help to counter the stress. When someone cries, all chemical stress washes away. Crying can be a stress-free therapy that will relax your muscles and keep you stress-free.

Crying effects on your skin

After a good cry, one can always feel better. As the eyes turn out, it has a modest effect on the skin. It cleans skin impurities and gives it a healthy glow.

Improve Retina

Crying Improve the appearance of the retina, and Tears provide nutrients to the retina, protect them from microorganisms, and remove debris.

Relieves emotional pain

Naturally, tear acts as a pain reliever. It relieves negative emotions and emotional pain. It serves a strong emotion.

Kicks a bad mood

Crying kicks your bad mood. As it has been rightly said, crying is an emotional body agent and emotional reliever. After crying, one may get rid of all the weight they possess.

Some Common Downfalls of Crying

Photo by Well Cabral on Unsplash

1. Cortisol and adrenaline are released when one cries. These hormones can make the heart pump faster and harder, which may cause blood shoot and pupil dilation.

2. The skin may turn into rending due to broken capillaries and rubbing while crying. 

3. Due to excessive tear shedding and crying, heart rate increases, making you tired as your breathing slows down.

4. Crying can also damage the brain. There may be many factors of brain damage, including taking too much stress. It can lead to mental disorders.

If you are crying, relax your self-focus on breathing and relax your facial muscles to avoid more tears.

Well, crying does not make your eyelashes grow longer. It is just a myth or misconception. No proven scientific evidence claims a relationship between crying and eyelash growth.

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