Do you know the difference between a boss and a leader?

a boss and a leader

In our daily routine life, there are so many things and words which we heard and say, but most of the time, we aren’t aware of the actual, meaning, and purpose of the words which we hear or use. Apart from the long series BOSS and Leader are the two specific words which most people use in the same manner and aren’t fully aware of the difference between a BOSS and a LEADER

So today, in this article, I try to jot down some relevant points through which you can easily counter and aware of the actual difference between these two words.

So, let’s get the ball roll and unveil the difference between a BOSS and a LEADER with me.

Difference between a BOSS and a LEADER

The first thing always comes first. See when you go for any job purpose, so one reputable position which you all know and makes you realize is the position of a BOSS. BOSS is the designation that represents and shows you that he or she is the person who controls, rules, and runs the entire firm, company, or office. In simple words, BOSS is a position that knows all, gives you orders, can hire and fire you, assign tasks, criticize your work, can highlight your mistakes, point out the facts in your work, and as well as demands the results on time too. 

Whereas, on the other hand, when it comes about the LEADER so LEADER is a word that represents a person who can be your coach, your guider, can focus and build a team, instruct and train you for some specific task, takes a responsibility to teach you anything, helps you and encourage you during your hard times, and boost your confidence when you feel low and down. 

Another thing that makes the difference between a BOSS and a LEADER is the learning ability. Bosses always orders and talk more whereas, a LEADER always listen and try to figure out your problems by giving you some relevant solutions, which means instead of talk LEADER listens more. 

Secondly, a LEADER always has a desire to learn and experience new things through which he or she gives you some vital piece of advice in your critical situations and becomes the source of light.

Despite this, Hope reading this little piece of writing helps you out and clears your difference between a BOSS and a LEADER doubts.

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