Do Air pods cause cancer? Myth or Truth

Do Air pods cause cancer

When it comes to technology, so, we all want to buy the new trendy tech accessories which come out in markets. The excitement of buying new tech gadgets, as well as the expectations, is simple enough to entice any tech geek. Technology, no doubt, helps us to lessen our distance and manage the easiest and reliable ways to connect us with our dear ones. But still, we also know that this technology also has its side effects too. Apart from the entire list of side effects, major alarming news that is trending and at somehow become the reason for caution is that air pods cause cancer.

Do air pods cause cancer?

Well, for some people, it’s still a myth, whereas, for some, it is true if I trace the old records, so what I found according to the scientist, researchers, and writers post is a no surety sign. It is still not clear. After the launch of air pods pro, this does air pods cause cancer question became the hype. Scientists are still not sure, but, on the other hand, the radiations from cell phones are far higher than the comparison of Bluetooth, so saying or claiming this that the Bluetooth or air pods radiations can become the source of leading towards the cancer is still not evident.

So, all of you who think like this that air pods cause cancer need to calm down. Every hour we are surrounded by so many other electronic gadgets and appliances, which also contain electromagnetic fields and radio radiation frequency. So the conclusive is still not in favor of yes.

According to the biochemist Jerry Phillips it can be possible because of the placement in the ear canal that affects the ear tissues.

My advice is, try to minimize your use of air pods. Try to use it only in the time of essential need. Otherwise, all of us should avoid the unnecessary use of air pods or any other tech gadgets.

Because it is also a blessing and a curse for us

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