Copyright Violation Xulfi Khan Served with A Legal Notice Of 100 million Rupee

Xulfi Khan Served with A Legal Notice

On Monday, Nirmala Maghani’s legal team served Zulfikar Khan, nicknamed Xulfi, with a legal notice of Rs. 100 million for a copyright violation to the hit song Tu Jhoom, which was sung by great vocalists in Coke Studio season 14.

Following the plagiarism allegations against the hit melody, Xulfi, who took over for Rohail Hyatt in the latest installment of the music series, was accused of plagiarizing the Umerkot-based singer’s melody.

“As per copyright regulations, you do not have the right to transmit, broadcast, or put on YouTube the said music unless you have obtained permission from my client as it was made based on my client’s notes and composition. That you are hereby instructed to apply for and obtain permission or license from my client, and unless said permission or license is granted to you, please remove the song from all social media websites, YouTube, and album of Coke Studio 14 as it infringes upon my client’s rights,” according to the statement.

Khan had also been told not to use the ‘client’ formula in Tu Jhoom and to produce an affidavit in writing, failing which the client would be given any other notice within seven days.

Maghani previously stated that she gave a sample to Xulfi in order to secure a spot as a featured artist in CS 14, but she was taken aback when she heard Tu Jhoom since one of the melodies she had sent was used in the song without her permission.

Following the legal warning, Xulfi’s company, which he co-founded, issued a statement in response.

Saying that they received a notice last evening, and their legal staff will respond to it as soon as possible through the proper procedures. As a result, they are obliged to limit our comments in consideration to Ms. Maghani’s legal procedure, according to the statement.

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