Coffee vs Cappuccino what is the main difference

difference between Coffee vs Cappuccino

Coffee is one of the most widely known beverages around the world than anything else. This drink is perfect for so many reasons, for mornings when people are still sleepy and deprived of caffeine, or when we go out to meet and greet our friends, or it is even perfect for meetings. Coffee is very versatile and has many different types, from espresso to latte to mocha. 

Coffee vs Cappuccino, although is the talk of the town nowadays. People might be forgetting this single fact that Cappuccino is a type of coffee. While there are tons of black coffee lovers out there, Cappuccino is just a tad bit more famous, because of its fluffy, foamy and creamy texture. 

Many people enjoy Cappuccino in the mornings as a wake-up drink, because black coffee is a bit too strong and many people like to milk it down and foamy in the form of Cappuccino. 

Coffee VS Cappuccino, these two drinks have a lot of difference even if Cappuccino is partially coffee. So, to discuss this difference we shall see the main comparison between them and see both of their methods of preparation. 

What is the difference between Coffee vs Cappuccino

There are several main differences between both coffee vs cappuccino. We shall take a quick look at these points:


Is any kind of brewed drink made from coffee beans, which are obtained from the Coffee plant.Is a drink formulated with brewed liquid from coffee beans and mixing it with milk and milk froth and sometimes sweetener.

Milk quantity

Milk is added in different amounts as it all depends on the variety of drinks. If someone asks for a simple cup of coffee, it will be served as black coffee without any milk in it. A 100 ml serving of Cappuccino has 30 ml espresso and 70 ml milk which is then frothed between 100 to 100 ml.

How it is served

Is usually served in a cup or glass or tall paper cups.Is usually served in a glass or porcelain cup.

Method of brewing

The method of producing the beans and the process of roasting gives each coffee its unique flavor. The roasted beans are then grounded which are then sold to the coffee shops. The instant beans are created differently from the brewed liquid.Cappuccino is made using a machine that has finely roasted beans that are smoothed into a small “puck” sized shape. Next, the boiling hot water is then passed through this puck under high pressure. The extract is passed by a filter that allows only the liquid and no bits. The liquid then achieved is known as black coffee or espresso.


Bitterness and acidity usually depend on the type of coffee, one is drinking. Coffee flavor or bitterness is reduced when milk is added to the mix.Coffee cappuccino has a rich taste. The coffee to milk ratio in a cup of Cappuccino is around 1 to 1.5, examining that foamed milk is at the most trivial double in volume compared to steamed milk. Cappuccino has a sharp and strong flavor, as any espresso would, but is brought down by the addition of steamed milk to the mix. 

These are some of the main differences when taking into consideration the topic of Coffee Vs. Cappuccino. 

Next in the article of Coffee Vs. Cappuccino, we shall discuss the preparation procedure of both drinks, starting with Cappuccino first. 

How To Prepare Cappuccino

Let us talk about the method of preparing a great cup of cappuccino with the help of an espresso machine, the steps are quite simple and easy to follow:

1. Crush Your Favourite Beans

Is there any other method of preparing a great cup of Cappuccino without adding your personal favorite coffee beans in the mixture? No, not really. The method of brewing a perfect cup of cappuccino with an espresso machine starts firstly by grinding the beans you have chosen for the mixture. Now, remember the beans should be enough to make a single shot glass of espresso. If you are, however, thinking of preparing Cappuccino for more than a single person or more than a single cup, you need to increase the number of beans you are grinding. 

2. Making the Espresso

It all depends on the type of espresso machine one is using, as settings or controls could be different in different types of espresso machines. If you are only making a single cup of cappuccino, you just have to make the espresso and then wait for the espresso machine to pour the espresso in the cup. If you have an espresso machine that also has a milk foamer, wait for the machine to finish preparing espresso before you start with the milk. But if your espresso machine does not have the option of milk foaming, then you have to prepare your milk on the side as the machine is brewing the espresso in the cup. 

3. Getting the Milk Ready

Foaming the milk can be done with your espresso machine’s built-in frother. If your espresso machine does not have that option, you can use an external electric milk frother. However, you may choose to froth your milk, it should be a thick foam and not a lightly bubbled froth, otherwise, the Cappuccino might not taste good. To make a good frothy and thick milk, dip the tip of your frother in the milk, but do not let it touch the bottom of the cup or glass or whatever container you are using. Move the frother upwards and away from the surface as you start frothing the milk, this is to stimulate the milk to thicken and the frothing will start. 

4. Mixing the Froth and Espresso

After the espresso has been brewed, put it in a cup of your liking. Then take the warm, steaming milk and put the liquid into the same cup in which you put espresso. After pouring in just enough to fill the cup half, take a spoon and scoop the froth from the milk. 

In this method, you need to remember to remove any extra milk that might be on the spoon and just lower the froth from the spoon to the surface of the milk and espresso mixture. If after this whole process, your cup is not completely full, you can pour in the extra milk, to fill the cup to the brim. 

5. Adding Sugar or Sweetener

If you do not like your coffee sweet then you already have obtained the perfect cup of Cappuccino. But if you would like to sweeten your Cappuccino, adding some sugar or sweetener to the mixture would be perfect for you. 

If, however, you are the topping person, then you can add coffee powder, chocolate syrup, maybe sprinkles, or even chocolate chips. These toppings usually depend on your ideal cup of Cappuccino. 

However, the true taste of Cappuccino is in the mixture of espresso and steamed milk with froth on top. 

Next on the list of discussing Coffee Vs. Cappuccino is the preparation method of a simple Black Coffee. 

How To Prepare Black Coffee

Preparing a classic cup of black coffee is like an art. Although drinking this coffee without any form of sugar, milk or even cream can be an obtained taste. It allows the person who is preparing the coffee, to have all focus on the complete flavor of freshly roasted beans. Black coffee is commonly made in a pot, however, modern coffee experts may insist on understanding the pour-over process for the best possible flavor.

1. Purchasing Coffee 

Purchasing coffee directly from the roaster is the greatest way to gain freshly roasted coffee beans, however, if for some reason you cannot access the roaster, you can purchase a vacuum-sealed bag of roasted coffee beans. 

2. Purchasing a Coffee Grinder

Owning a grinder will grant you a fresh cup of coffee every day, so it is better to purchase a grinder. Do remember to ground the beans right before brewing coffee for maximum flavor. 

Experimenting with the different ground size of the roasted beans. Finely grounded coffee beans are preferred by many, but they usually end up in a quite bitter cup of coffee, however, coarsely grounded beans are much better. 

It is good to keep in mind that coffee experts say that the ground size of your coffee beans should be around regular sugar. 

3. Making the Coffee

Place a filter or funnel on your cup and boil the water on the side. After the water has been heated up good, just turn it off the stove or turn off your kettle, right as the water is about to be boiled. If your roast is dark, you do not want boiling water for it, as the coffee might become unbearably bitter, if you are using a light roast, you can use boiling water. 

Take about two and a half to three teaspoons of ground coffee and put it in the filter, right after the water is done. 

Firstly, pour in a little water, just to wet the coffee. Wait for a bit and pour it again. Repeating this method until your cup is full or the water is gone. 

Remove the filter as the coffee is brewed in the cup and voila! You have achieved the perfect cup of black coffee.

At the end of this article, we have discussed the main difference between Coffee Vs. Cappuccino. Hopefully, you have found this article rather interesting and learned how to make both cups of coffee perfectly.

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