Coffee makes me sleepy- what’s the myth behind this?

Coffee makes me sleepy

Well, Coffee makes me sleepy is this the same thing which you guys face? If yes, then no need to get worried. Before writing this one, I was surfing on the web, and during the time of surfing I noticed that people are complaining that they feel sleepy when they drink coffee. 

So to consider this, I decided to pick this coffee makes me tired topic, in which I try to highlight some of the facts that make you sleepy when you drink coffee.

Instead of dragging the topic here and there, let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the myth that why does coffee make me sleepy immediately.

It’s diuretic

Well, I don’t know how many of you guys know this fact but yes, it’s diuretic. As per the Harvard research, it has been noticed that drinking the 2 or 3 cups of coffee is fine and won’t affect you. But yes, drinking more than 3 cups on a daily or frequent basis means you may find yourself running towards the bathroom or restroom more often.

To continue this why does coffee make me tired tail, apart from the restroom it may also lead you towards the dehydration in which a person feels a little dizzy, idly, tired, and sleepy as we all have a different body and each body has its capacity.

So whenever you feel any dry mouth, dry skin, lack of sweat, and thirst that means it indicates you to control your coffee cups/ drinks. 

If it is the sweetener then it is not the coffee

The next reason behind this Coffee makes me sleepy is the use of more sugar. If you are drinking coffee which is loads of cream, sugar, plain sugar, syrup, and honey so this will automatically lead you towards the sleeping feeling. 

Many of you guys have seen the fact that people who have to stay awake at night hours or have to charge themselves up for long hours prefer black coffee or a sugar-free coffee. Do you know the reason behind this? Or have you ever thought that why they prefer to take a cup of black and sugar-free coffee? The reason is it helps to make them awake and charge. 

But if you add the milk, whipped cream, and any sugar so instead of waking you up it will lead you towards the sleepy and hungry situation. 

Plus, on the other hand, drinking a coffee with loads of sugar also hits you so badly and drops your blood glucose level which is also known as blood sugar. 

So if you are the one who is facing this why does coffee make me sleepy then ask yourself, Are you drinking a coffee along with a combination of sugar, cream, and honey? 

A coffee or a mold

Another reason for this Coffee makes me sleepy is what are you actually drinking? to make this riddle quite easy for you, if I go back to the 2003 research report so at that time the report diagnosed some 60 samples of raw and coffee unroasted beans which means it was contaminated with molds.

Later on, in 2013 and 2017 the same issues were diagnosed. So those who complain this that Coffee makes me sleepy is because the coffee beans are come up with a mixture of some contamination/molds which affects in your body slowly and gradually and as a result of that reaction your body and you start feeling dizzy, tired, and sleeping issues, and difficulty in concentration and thinking.

A sudden withdrawal of caffeine

We all know that coffee contains a huge amount of caffeine and another reason behind this Coffee makes me sleepy is a sudden withdrawal. Like if you are the one who is habitual of drinking coffee and consuming caffeine on a daily and frequent basis and then suddenly you stop it so in the reaction of it you start facing a sleepiness issue, nausea, headache, irritation, and all. 

Additionally, it is a normal thing why because you are taking one thing regularly and then you suddenly stop it so automatically it will affect you because cutting the addiction in one shot is impossible. 

The best way to cut down your addiction is to start switching yourself gradually like if you drink 4 cups in a day then start taking two cups and on the other hand, also switch yourself on to any other alternative like green tea, juice, and all. 


I hope after reading the above-mentioned Coffee makes me sleepy reasons you guys are quite aware of why you feel sleepy when you drink coffee. 

Despite this, you think you want to know more about Coffee makes me sleepy then feel free to ping me down. I would love to trigger your queries.

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