Major Change in Design Of Instagram Is On The Way

Change in Design Of Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, has been rolling out upgrades to improve the user experience and give it a more customized feel for the past few months.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse-engineering aficionado, has discovered a new “Edit Grid” capability carefully buried inside the mobile App. Which may just add to the platform’s appeal.

We’ve seen many improvements and changes to the platform over the previous few months. But one section that has remained off-limits despite all of the upgrades is the profile page grid. However, a recent discovery suggests that this could alter.

The Instagram grid currently displays all posts in a set chronological sequence, with the most recent posts at the top. Paluzzi revealed in a tweet that the Edit Grid tool would allow users to edit grids. Paluzzi says in a tweet the Edit Grid functionality would allow users. Drag and drop grids posts into any sequence they like.

This simple update would provide users with a number of additional options. While also sparing them the time and effort of reposting or re sharing an older post. They’d like to bring attention to.

Photographers and other content providers will be able to highlight their greatest work at the top of the grid. As well as present their portfolios in a more visually appealing manner.

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However, because the function was discovered inactive and there has been no communication from the corporation about a future rollout. We’re presuming that this function is now being tested internally.

Instagram may be duplicating another function from its competitor, TikTok, according to recent reports. The report broke after Instagram announced in February 2021 that it was currently developing a stories design element. That would allow users to scroll their stories vertically. In addition to the horizontally scrolling option now available to the user.

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