California minimum wage 2020

California minimum wage

Living in a place like California, where each and everything based on rules and regulations, is a good deal. But when it comes to the wages, so California has its up and downs and changes its wages law time by time. So if you are living in California, then it is essential for you to must know that what kind of changes has made at the beginning of this new 2020 year, which directly or indirectly applied to both exempt and non-exempt employees.

So without any delay, let’s get the ball roll and unveil the California minimum wage 2020 facts and figures together.

The California minimum wage 2020 facts

In 2019 the California minimum wage rate was $11, which in this 2020 has raised around $12 per hour for businesses and $13 per hour for the larger companies. According to the resources, it has also revealed that in 2022 the California minimum wage will increase up to $15 per hour that is undoubtedly good news for all the employees.

Despite this, if you are an employee and your firm or owner is paying you less than the California minimum wage 2020 criteria, then you have a legal right to complain about the legal rights wages violation against your owner or company through which you can quickly recover your money.

Apart from this, if you are not that much aware of the laws, rules, and regulations, then I advise you to read the primary employment in California attorney laws and action lawsuit for wage and hour class. Knowing these laws is essential as it helps you to keep you protected from any kind of scam and fraud. It is also essential for those who are not the native, migrants and came from the cross-borders. As each state has its laws and rules, which you should know when you are living there

At last, if you want to know anything more in detail related to California minimum wage 2020, then feel free to ping me.

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