Best Visiting Places in Murree – An Ultimate Wonderland

Best Visiting Places in Murree

Have you ever visited Murree in your life?  If you are planning a future trip from anywhere in Pakistan, then you must read this article and explore the best visiting places in Murree. Plan your trip accordingly.

Murree is one of the most popular visiting points in Pakistan. Murree has popularity in Northern areas of Pakistan. It is a beautiful winter wonderland that is 60 km with 40 minutes of drive far away from Islamabad. Millions of tourists from Pakistan visit this mesmerizing place. The valley fills the heart with happiness. Clouds seem to hang over the mountains. During winter, snow covers the mountains and presents a magical snowflake among the fields.

Due to its natural beauty and location, Murre is the preferred tourist visiting place in summer. A good network of roads made Murree a famous hill station in Pakistan. Murree is famous for its honeymoon package for couples all over Pakistan. 

Must Visit: Murree Today

Murree is called Malka e Kohsar because it is cuddling among the largest mountains range, the Himalaya Mountains.

Explore the Best VIisting Place in Murree:

Apart from tourist guidelines, here is the list of the best places in Murree you can count on.

Mall Road:

Mall road is a major market and the most attractive tourist place in Murree. You will find unique handcrafts, cultural artefacts, souvenirs, and dry fruits. The mall road remains open till 3 am. It is one of the best places to visit in Murree. Many popular restaurants serve mouth-watering dishes like chicken karahi and fish. Tourist love to walk over Mall road and enjoy the yummy food in pleasant weather. This road is full of life, food items, handy crafts, and happy faces. 

Pindi Point:

Pindi point is an amazing place to visit in Murree. You can see the lush green mountains along the zig-zag roads there. Pindi point is called Pindi point because you can see the Islamabad and Pindi view above. Murree hills and point forest can be seen too. You must visit here. Murree tourists love to take a chair lift and cable car rides from Pindi point to Bansra Gali. Pindi Point is the second favourite visiting point of Murree. Pindi point is 15 minutes drive away from mall road. You can also go there for a walk across the beautiful landscape. Pindi point is called Pindi point because you can see the Islamabad and Pindi view above. Murree hills and point forest can be seen too. People can enjoy the cafes and restaurants there. It is one of the best visiting places in Murree.

Kashmir Point:

Kashmir point is the next most beautiful visiting place in Murree. It is known for its serenity. It takes only 15 minutes to walk above one km nearer to the GPO until you may reach Kashmir Point. This wonderful location in Murree offers tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the main Murree. Furthermore, a Murree Safari Train passes through the Government House to guide tourists and provide entertainment. Kashmir’s mountains’ pleasant views and the climate attract tourists. That’s why it is called Kashmir point. Kashmir hill is a popular place to climb among tourists. Kashmir mountains can be seen there as well.


With time Patriata is becoming more and more familiar among tourists. It is known as the new Murree, about 15 kilometres. This is well-developed and one of the best places to visit in Murree. Not in summers but in all four seasons. It is famous because of chair and cable lift rides. If you ever visit here, don’t forget to get a ride on the cable car and gain a lifetime experience. It is among the best places in Murree because you can see various landscapes in the nearby hills. During winter, you may enjoy an eye catchy, snowy, and lush green landscape eye view.


The city of Rawat is a  union council of Rawalpindi. It is a  magnificent place to visit. There can be many  Bhhurban tourist resorts within a short distance of this lovely town. Rawat is a famous, eye-chanting, and picturesque village, including Moohraa Daroghaa, Moorii Kahmbal and Dhoka Amban. Visit Rawat, which will be worth visiting too. They all are considered the best places to visit in Murree. Rawat is the most visited place in Murree by tourists.


Bhurbaan is a famous resort situated east 110 km meters on the eastern side of Murree.  It is famous due to its luxurious amenities and peaceful environment. Similar to other places, Bhurban is surrounded by lush green mountains. It has become the most popular and favourite visiting place in Murree. Additionally, PC Bhurban makes it twice a special place for tourists. It is a great palace for hiking and trekking. Simply, its landscape is very eye catchy and heartbreaking. No better place can be suggested food stay in murre for some days.

Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali is the other best visiting place among Gali in Murree. It plays an important role in murre district  Nathiiaa Gali is famous Gali Street in gaily at It offers a superb and heartbreaking view of mountains of Kashmir and Kohistan. It is possible to see the enormous mountains of the Nanga part when the view is clear. You can see the stunning view and Nanga Parbat’s height, all stored with snow.


After Nathia Gali, Ayubia is the most visited place for tourists in Murree. It is a picnic point located in Murree. There is 1,050 meters high park Ayubia National Park. Additionally, It is spread over 3,027 meters above mountains within the valley. Thousand of tourists enjoy the attractive greenery of mountains and its pleasant environment. Ayubia is considered one of the best-visiting places in Murree due to its versatility, being a hill station with standard visitor facilities. Galichangla, Ghor Dhaka, Kairagali, and Khanspur, including names of the best places for tourists in summer.

Ghora Gali:

Last but not least, Ghora Gali is one of the best visiting places in Murree. Murree is an exciting area. Ghora Gali is located in northeast Punjab. Various resorts and restaurants, and shops are available there to serve the visitors.  Many tourists visit Ghora Gali daily. It is an exciting Murree area called Ghora Gali, located in northeast Punjab  Gorha Gali, at 1690 meters above an escarpment. It is a mountain resort, high in the mountains. There is a variety of hotels, shops, and resorts there. Indeed, a wide range of foods attracts visitors to visit Ghora Gali. With enjoying spectacular views, one can enjoy delicious and cost-effective foods there.


In the end, I would like to add something, whenever you travel to Murree must use the train services Murree Express and enjoy the beautiful views of Murree Hills. The roads are mostly safe and clear. So there are many best places to visit in Murree. After many developments, tourism has increased, and people all over Pakistan visit other hill stations and northern areas. If you love to explore nature and the beauty of Pakistan, visit the best natural beauty of Murree once in your life.

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