Basho Valley Pakistan – Discover Picturesque Place

Basho Valley Pakistan

If you talk about the states and places enriched with landscapes, Pakistan stands out on the list with its unparalleled, extremely attractive natural beauty and heart-captivating landscapes. If you have plans for a solo adventure or stepping onto an enthralling mountain range, Basho Valley Pakistan should be on the list. In Skardu city, the moment will bring your feet and search to a halt when your feet would hit the ground of Basho Valley.

With its scenic attractiveness, an astoundingly beautiful Basho Valley in Skardu will make you pause and take a delightful eyeful of the view. After one and a half hours of uninterrupted drive from the city, you would be in Basho Valley. The finest pine trees and juniper would be swaying from left to right, providing a heart-melting cover to the valley with lush greenery.

Basho Valley Skardu Gilgit Baltistan With Summers-Snow

Pakistan is a tropical area and is ranked one of the hotter states. But throw the summer and heatwave stress off your shoulders because the beautifully attractive Basho Valley Skardu would be a proven escape place you craved, allowing you to take a break from the scorching sun. The mountain tops would appear covered in the snowy layers, stress-relieving and satisfying for your mind and tourism spirit.

Basho Pakistan – Your Best Off-Beat Destination

The elongated area formed over a long period due to soil erosion, glaciers and running water; Basho Valley Pakistan marks its place between majestic hills and mountains. It is the best emerging tourist attraction spot you can spend your vacations on. From steeper mountains to heavily gushing water streams, it offers you all the entertainment options you seek in a holiday adventure. It is naturally structured, so the mountain range protects it from fierce storms and winds. Your first gaze landing on the Basho Valley would leave you breathless, and you would never have enough of this nature’s hedge. Its rough route makes it even more of a secretly magical space. Although it is hidden away, you can take the plunge and make SkarduBasho Valley your off-beat destination.

Why Should You Visit the Basho Valley Skardu?

You might have planned a one-day trip to the valley, but it will always keep you coming back for more days and longer stays. There is no comparison between a morning in a five-star hotel and dawn at the Basho Valley in Skardu; opening your eyes to the heart-captivating nature amidst these phenomenal water streams is incomparable and unbeatable.

Mountain Ranges & Icy Peaks

If you are looking for reasons for your query of “why” about visiting Basho Skardu, then have it known that you do not even need a reason; this valley would be demanding your visit once you get to know what it offers.

Nearer to the city, the meadows of Basho bring to you an enthralling experience of enjoying Himalayan and Karakoram, two of the highest mountain ranges in the world spotted at the same place.

Eleven thousand feet above sea level, glistening icy summits of Himalayan mountains surround the valley. The towering peaks of Karakoram range head-on from Basho, then mark the earth and sky up to the Indus River, the dolphin’s home in Pakistan.

Fishing & Trekking

Among other best offers of the place is fishing as an activity to spend quality time. Keeping yourself well equipped for fishing or trekking would require purchasing gears or tools, and Skardu city would be your one-roof-for-everything. Stock yourself beforehand, as in Bashu Valley Pakistan; there would be only small grocery and daily use stuff shops. The valley would be packed with natural stuff; while roaming in the valley, you would get your hands on fresh apricots, apples and grapes, which would taste heavenly. You may even get a jeep and head back to Skardu city when you are done with getting the best of Basho Valley.

Bird’s Eye View of Bashu Valley Pakistan

Basho Valley in Skardu is the meadows of pine forests with towering granite mounts circled, located right opposite the highway with small villages and settlements nearby. The last village settlement at an approximate altitude of 4200 meters is Sultanabad, and you can make it your ideal destination for Basho Valley’s neighbouring stay.

Challenging Jeep Road

The Basho Valley road is a single-spaced, narrow vehicle driving path. Spiralling and routing through the villages, it gets lowered with various bumps, sharper turns, and switchbacks before hitting the top. The undeniably dangerous and unpaved road will have your attention until its highest end either you would drive the jeep or sit in the passenger seat.

Beautiful Heights With Charming Community

Heading towards the height would bring your vision to various finely cultivated farmlands, plum trees and people mobilising cheerfully, their excited children waving at you from their rooftops and pathways.

The higher you go through the jeep road in Basho Valley Skardu, the prettier those sceneries would be. First villages and plum trees, then the towering, rocky mountains, gushing river and juniper trees; lastly, one sharp turn would mark your entrance into a lush green, refreshing and relaxing plain with beautifully clear streams. The landscape will mesmerise your soul, taking your breath away. Driving ahead of that plain will unmask an even bigger landscape, the main valley. Like in those calendar pictures and desktop wallpapers, the river flowing undisturbed on one side of the valley and charming cows grazing calmly on the other.

This heaven on earth that you would witness, widely known as Sultanabad Basho, would be the last inhabited valley with around 150 households. The central building of the Sultanabad village is striking architecture you would never see in such a place; a finely constructed school.

Last Words

This valley and Sultanabad Basho village have much more to offer than a list can summarise. From the best-produced potatoes to rocks having ruins of ancient glaciers underneath and providing natural cold storage for fruits and crops during Summers, from Juniper trees and Juniper wood being used as firewood/fuel to tea point at the end of the jeep drive path, from guest houses by forest department without any electricity or running water facility as of now to camping site at the riverside (with the camping gears and sleeping bags you brought), from mouthwatering tasty brown trout obtained through the river to the unimaginably interesting weather that will start your day with a pleasant breeze and end it with cold, windy night, you can take a very good break from the hassle, tension, stress and anxiety of life in the Basho Valley Pakistan. In pursuing peace, the valley will prove that your visit was worth it all.

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