Arooj Aftab – The first Pakistani to have won a Grammy Award

Arooj Aftab has won the first Grammy award

Everyone has been talking about Arooj Aftab for some time now. When Asfar Hussain teamed up with her, we instantly drew to her and Mehram – one of Coke Studio’s finest songs.

We both jammed to it, and it’s become so popular that many of us know the words by now. But she doesn’t stop there, no. We heard a few months ago that Arooj had been nominated for a Grammy, one of the most prestigious accolades in the music business.

The news is out, and it’s good news – Arooj Aftab has won the first Grammy award ever awarded to a Pakistani.

She won the Best Global Music Performance award. “I am overjoyed,” said the artist to journalists backstage at the pre-gala ceremony, at which the majority of honours are given out. “It’s an amazing feeling.” She then went on to say, “All day, I’ve been nervous.

She is a genuine superstar, and we adore her because she is the first Pakistani to win a Grammy. This is the greatest possible success for anybody. Pakistanis are ecstatic about her win. She took home the prize for ‘Mohabbat’ an excellent song to listen to.

Pakistan is a country brimming with talent, and the fact that such individuals are being recognized all across the world and their achievements properly acknowledged is something we can’t help but be proud of. These people make Pakistan proud on all fronts and keep the flag flying high in the sky.

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Arooj Aftab’s win only provides us with the hope that one day soon – and perhaps sooner than we might think! – we will have many more celebrities recognized for their efforts, and all of their aspirations and devotion will not go unnoticed.

It is to these individuals that we express our delight in their success. We are overjoyed for them, and they are the stars that shine, so let us tell it to the younger generation. Let us make them continue to shine and inspire others to follow in their footsteps by pursuing their ambitions and doing everything possible to realize them.

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