Apex Legends – Battle passes, types and obtain ability

Apex Legends

Apex legends in an innovative and strategic, survival and action-packed game. It can be played single and or with multiple players as well. It is a battle royale game. The game just released last year but has picked up on trends no one else did. The game itself has more than 4-star ratings.

The gamer can choose from the starting lineup characters as they play along, the gamer can further modify and make upgrades in the character they choose.

The one thing many gamers or new player asks about the game is that what is an apex legend battle pass?

In this aricle, we will explain to you what exactly these are and how to use them.

Battle passes:

There is a certain period where certain challenges and missions appear. This is called a season. The battle pass is like a reward system for gamers who have competed and completed these seasons.

There are generally two types of battle pass, but each season has its own Apex Legends Battle pass.

  • Battle pass: This pass unlocks all the premium rewards to the level of the current battle pass.
  • Battle pass bundle: Getting this battle pass, meaning you can unlock the next 25 levels for the season instantly.

As you play the game, you’ll gain stars. There stars than help you in gaining the Apex Legends Battle pass levels, which can unlock the rewards for the next set. The battle pass is seasonal and exclusive for every season and won’t appear again in the game once the season ends. Till now, there have been five seasons in Apex legends; the last one hasn’t aired yet. All these seasons have their trailers, the trailer for the rewards and also one for the battle pass.

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