Aima Baig Has to Face the Music on Revealing Attire

Aima Baig Has to Face the Music on Revealing Attire

Aima Baig, a pop artist, has received fire over her clothing choice on the internet. Fans are dissatisfied with the singer’s “revealing” attire.

Aima Baig has recently become one of Pakistan’s most popular singers. The young diva was first renowned for her appearance on Mazaaq Raat. Aima’s work on the Lahore Se Aagey soundtrack earned her a household name. Aima has since wowed audiences at every major music event, including Coke Studio. In the music industry, the 26-year-old continues to make significant progress.

The pop diva had a tremendous year in 2022, as she collaborated with Atif Aslam on the Pakistan Super League (PSL 7) anthem “Agay Dekh.”

This is Aima’s second PSL feature, following 2021’s “Groove Mera” with Young Stunner, which was also a popular favourite. Not only that, but Aima is currently topping the charts with Pepsi’s dance single “Sohna Tu.”

Aima Baig is currently in the United Arab Emirates, more specifically in Dubai. The little diva keeps in touch with her followers via Instagram, where she shares photos with them. She just shared a photo of herself outside of the InterContinental Dubai with her fans.

Fans, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with her fashion choices, with netizens harshly criticizing the singer on social media. A full-length photograph of Aima’s dress will reveal why some people are upset.

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